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Discover your path to holistic healing and self-discovery with us. At Healing at Heart, we're on a heartfelt journey of rediscovery, realignment, and redesign. We believe in the power of reconnecting with your true self, embracing emotional healing, and living your best life.

Explore our holistic practices that integrate mind, body, and soul, including herbalism, naturopathy, astrology, psychotherapy, physical wellness, and ritual work. Join us on this transformative journey towards wholeness.



We believe in the power of realignment – the process of coming back to yourself and shining a light on your shadow self. By integrating the mind, body, and soul, we guide you on a path that leads to emotional healing and growth in your daily life.



We invite you to redefine your life by learning, living, loving, and letting go. It's time to break free from the constraints of past trauma and embrace emotional freedom. By doing so, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your true values.



Healing at Heart is all about reclaiming your power and choosing to live your best life. Regardless of past wounds and learned behaviors, you have the ability to create and celebrate a new way of being. Your favorite life awaits you, and we're here to support you every step of the way.



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Kali has been helping me work through various challenges I have been experiencing that stem from childhood. We have been taking a deep look into how my childhood traumas impact & hold me back as an adult. She has been very supportive & provides practical guidance that has worked well for me. While it has been a tough journey I have noticed great progress after each walk with me session & I am very thankful for all her help. I look forward to making further positive changes together.


Kali has an incredibly bright yet soothing energy. She has created such a warm and safe space for me to be able to work through and release some heavy things that have been so relieving to let go of. It’s not all heavy though, speaking with Kali will brighten up your day – she brings so much valuable insight and will somehow always make you laugh/smile. I could not be more grateful to have Kali’s guidance, if you’re reading this – I’m not sure why you haven’t already booked with her!



Consciously curated offerings to help you heal from the inside out